A Little about Me:

"My name is Breanna and I have been a Professional Pet Groomer
since 2006. We moved back to the Owen Sound area in 2011. 

  You maybe asking, why did I name my salon "Hollywood Paw Spa"?  
The school I attended and received my certificate is in California,
only a few minutes away from Hollywood.  
I attended Wag My Tail School of Pet Grooming in Tujunga, CA.  
My experience ranges from working with mobile grooming salons
and the last few years, as the head instructor at Wag My Tail

 I take great pride in my work and my technique. I specialize in detailed
scissor work.  This provides a much better finish and a sharper, cleaner
look than what is possible with clippers alone!

  I have always had a passion for working with dogs.  My love of
animals has been lifelong and stems from my childhood. 

  I feel like each client is a pet that I have the opportunity to adopt
for a few hours and treat them with the same love and affection
my own pets receive.

                           Why I became a groomer:

1.  I love animals and  I always wanted to work with them.
I knew I couldn't  be a vet, seeing pets go through  pain, I knew
that wasn't my path..

2. I always wondered why every time my dogs came home from
the groomer they hid and acted odd.  So I wanted to change that!

 I strive to make the grooming experience as stress-free as
possible.  I believe it is important to have a great deal of patience
and trust, as well as the ability to read dogs. 

Clients comment on my special talent  with that confidence of  
working with difficult dogs, that other groomers would turn away.  
I'm always willing to try, with that comes a great amount of
success in grooming pets without using any form of sedation.  

  I take great pride in my work. There is always something new to
learn in the grooming industry. I keep up to date on the latest
grooming trends, equipment, and products by attending trade
shows and seminars. Knowing what products can help get the
look and feel that clients want is also a big part of being a
professional groomer. 

 I absolutely love what I do and look forward to seeing my clients
every day!  And I look forward to meeting new ones too!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Breanna