Just like we fall asleep while our hair dresser washes and massage our head .

Back mohawk.

Blue  French Bulldog:  After a  relaxing  bath  and brush .

Golden Retriever's : Tidy Moi package & feathers trimmed

A subtle lion cut with poodle feet and face.

Both of these are Lion Cuts!.

Feather's: before & after

Before & After:

                                Before & After!

A really matted coat- came off in one piece!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

De-shed & Trim of her feathers!

A bold lion cute with painted back nails.

Long hair Chihuahua- before and after

Samoyed (puppy) - Smiling after a bath

1/2 Shih Tzu & 1/2 German Shepard.

Ever get that feeling like your being watched?

Duo dye Job. Blue nail polish!

Poodle feet- before and after